iPhone 12, 12 Pro first review: 5G is faster and the signal is much better!

iPhone 4, a mobile phone released 10 years ago, has become the perfect Apple mobile phone in many people’s hearts with its unique structural design.

Ten years later, the iPhone 12 was released, and it was a rebirth of the iPhone 4.

It’s just that, under the new craftsmanship and technology, the iPhone 12 has returned to our eyes with a more modern attitude.

Today we will talk about the latest Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Without the charging head and earphones, the packaging box has become smaller

I didnt care much about the iPhone box before, but the iPhone 12 box is hard to ignore.

After omitting the charging head and wired earphones, the packaging box of the iPhone 12 is half thinner than the previous generation. If Apple could only hold 5,000 iPhones in a truck, now, a truck can transport 10,000 phones.

With the decline in transportation costs and the increase in logistics efficiency, I can only say that Cook is truly a genius businessman.

It stands to reason that the cost has dropped, and it should be reflected in the product pricing. But this year, only the Pro series of the iPhone 12 has achieved “increased volume without price increase”, but the standard version of the 12 has a price increase.

what is the reason? We still have to start with the iPhone 12 itself.

The revival of the right-angle frame

The reason why iPhone 12 is familiar is not entirely because of iPhone 4. After all, the design of this right-angle frame is more reminiscent of iPhone 5.

The difference is that the bezel of the iPhone 12 does not have that round of chamfering, so holding it in your hand will no longer hold it like it did in the past.

But the sense of strangeness is also brought about by this border. Looking back at the iPhone in the past four or five years, each product has a rounded side curve to outline its structure to fit our palm.

In the iPhone 12 generation, your fingers can no longer feel the curvature, not only the frame is flattened, even the glass on the surface of the screen has changed from the original 2.5D glass to a pure flat design.

Is this a good thing? I can’t tell you, it’s like the person you meet every day, suddenly changed their appearance, then the first instinct, it must be a little unaccustomed.

5G is fast and the signal is much better

As soon as I got the phone, I was looking forward to it and inserted the 5G card into the iPhone. When I saw the 5G icon pop up in the signal bar, I couldn’t help but sigh that the iPhone was finally over.

For the 5G network, Apple provides three options for the iPhone 12, namely “Enable 5G”, “Auto 5G”, and “4G”.

The system defaults to the automatic 5G mode, which is the “smart data mode” mentioned at the press conference at that time. When you do not need to use 5G speed, such as background update, iPhone 12 will automatically switch to 4G network to save power. In scenes that require speed, such as playing games and caching movies, 5G will be used first.

The network is related to the lowest level of smartphone experience. The support of 5G allows us to get rid of the signal anxiety of the iPhone for three years.

No matter how much you like the design of the iPhone 12 and how entangled in its price, I believe that these will fade over time, and 5G-should determine whether you upgrade the ultimate power of iPhone 12.

A14 chip, still top performance

Image capability is the biggest gap between 12 and 12 Pro

It is still 1200W pixels, but the night mode supports all cameras, including the front camera, and the smart HDR is upgraded to the third generation.

It is also worth mentioning that the smoothness of the zoom switching of the three cameras this year has been improved, and the sense of picture dislocation between 0.9 to 1x, 1.9x and 2x is even lower.

Many friends are concerned about the ghosting problem of night shooting lights, we also tested it, and there was no improvement.

To sum up, the iPhone 12 series camera is still stable. This year’s improvement is mainly focused on the performance of ultra-wide-angle and low-light environments. Especially the use of lidar has greatly improved the phone’s usual shortcomings-the low-light focusing performance, which is impressive. profound.

From here, we can also see that Apple’s strategy in the imaging field is very different. It did not choose high pixels and long zoom like many Android manufacturers to break through the upper limit of mobile phone imaging, but improved the shortcomings of mobile phone imaging. high.

How long does it take to charge with 20W without the standard charger?

iPhone 12, the generation that has changed the most since iPhone X

For me, iPhone 12 should be the most obvious generation that has changed since iPhone X; coupled with the relationship of 5G, it is also the generation that is most worth considering for all users who are still using 4G iPhone.

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